World-first three-layer design

We use superior French cocoa and high-cacao chocolate to mix and bake exquisitely thin and delicate langue de chats -
just 1.5 mm across at their thinnest point triply layered with custom-made pillars of rich chocolate inside.
This open three-layer design, the first of its kind in the world,
creates something like a miniature sandwich of fragrant, flavorful air.
Light, delicious, and entirely new: Tokyo Campanella.

Secret of the waves

The wave design on the front of each Tokyo Campanella biscuit is more than just decoration.
In fact, these graceful curves help fill the mouth with flavor, adding a certain mellow note as well.
Careful design of every element to delight all five senses: the secret to Tokyo Campanella's uncompromising quality.

A "little bell"
that rings in the heart

The word "campanella" is from Italian, meaning "little bell."
We chose it to symbolize both Tokyo Campanella's light and cheerful taste
and the way that, when presented as a gift, it brings the hearts of giver and recipient together in harmony.
This picture of a flower was drawn especially for Tokyo Campanella by pianist Fujiko Hemming,
whose rendition of Liszt's "La campanella" is beloved by listeners throughout the world.

Campanella Blue: the shining moment

The "Campanella Blue" of Tokyo Campanella's packaging represents the sky over the metropolis: vivid and striking yet with a certain cosmopolitan refinement, a shining moment to be shared by giver and recipient.
What's more, the packaging is as functional as it is beautiful, specially constructed to prevent the ultra-thin langue de chat biscuits within from breaking. So innovative was this design that it won gold in the "Food" category at worldwide packaging competition Pentawards 2008.

Hospitality with a smile

Treating someone with sincere regard is sure to bring a smile to their face - at Tokyo Campanella, each and every one of us aims to achieve this every day.
Uncompromising attention to detail, a commitment to using our imagination, and the fact that we ourselves enjoy every encounter with our own customers: this is our philosophy, and the secret to the smiles our products inspire.