Make someone’s day dazzling

The vivid blue of Tokyo Campanella makes any day a special occasion.
Ginza has always been a place where history and tradition meet creativity and the avant-garde, and the expanded selection of spectacular creations at our Ginza Honten store is very much in that spirit.
Whatever catches your eye, it’s sure to make someone’s day dazzling.


Ginza Special EditionPremium packages for
special occasions.

Exclusive to our Ginza Honten store,
our premium packages add an extra layer of Ginza glamor to the Tokyo Campanella taste.
Handsomely designed and refined to the touch,
a premium package makes an elegant, tasteful gift sure to linger in the heart of any recipient.

Choose your preferred combination of
up to three flavors:
Chocolat, White, and Matcha.

  • Tokyo Campanella
    Ginza Special Edition
    Box of 18(6 Chocolat, 6 White, 6 Matcha)

  • Tokyo Campanella
    Ginza Special Edition
    Box of 30(10 Chocolat, 10 White, 10 Matcha)

  • Tokyo Campanella
    Ginza Special Edition
    Box of 42(14 Chocolat, 14 White, 14 Matcha)

  • Tokyo Campanella
    Ginza Special Edition
    Box of 60(20 Chocolat, 20 White, 20 Matcha)

Premium quality.
Casual style Two and six-piece packages
now available.

Our new two- and six-piece packages make Tokyo Campanella the ideal gift for even more occasions.
Wrapped in beautiful, shimmering blue with an embossed silver logo,
these miniature packages combine flawless refinement with just a hint of decadent luxury.

An easy-going yet thoughtful way to show your appreciation to someone special.

  • Tokyo Campanella
    Ginza Special Edition
    Box of 2(1 Chocolat, 1 White)

  • Tokyo Campanella
    Ginza Special Edition
    Box of 6(2 Chocolat, 2 White, 2 Matcha)

Specified ingredients:
Eggs, milk, wheat, soy beans, sesame

  • * All prices shown include tax
  • * Package price may vary depending on contents selected

Order from our
Ginza Honten store by telephone.

Tokyo Campanella Ginza Honten store 03-6280-6561 (open 11 a.m.–7 p.m.)

Tokyo Campanella:
For every occasion.

Occasion1Express your gratitude with Ginza chic.

Thoughtful, yet sincere. Spontaneous, yet special. A gift meant as an expression of gratitude between adults must strike a delicate balance. In that spirit, Tokyo Campanella’s packaging is both beautiful and practical, carefully designed to keep the delicate langues de chat inside safe and whole for the recipient to enjoy. We care—because we know you do, too.

Occasion2Something blue.

“Campanella” means “bell” in Italian, and Tokyo Campanella makes a tasteful yet joyous wedding gift sure to resonate in the hearts of both giver and recipient.
In Europe, blue is a symbol of happiness, and wearing “something blue” to ensure a happy marriage is a longstanding bridal tradition. The dazzling blue of Tokyo Campanella is sure to be a welcome guest at any wedding celebration.

Occasion3The life of the party.

A gracious host spares no effort to ensure that everyone enjoys the party—and, in return, a thoughtful guest contributes something unique to the occasion. Our Ginza Honten premium packages add a touch of extra glamor to any party, ensuring a memorable good time with friends. Choose the right size based on the number of guests expected, and show your gratitude to the host with the perfect combination of Tokyo Campanella Chocolat, White, and Matcha to suit their tastes.

Order from our
Ginza Honten store
by telephone.


(open 11 a.m.–7 p.m.)

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